Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Let us find out Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Dragon Ball Z- Vegeta and Goku

What is it about Dragon Ball Z that has drawn in so many fans over the last few decades? It’s hard to pin down exactly what captivates people about this series. But we’re willing to bet that Vegeta and Goku are at the heart of it all. With two such strong characters vying for power, things can get pretty intense. Let us find out Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Weaves of violence, science fiction and martial arts are wrapped up in a complicated web of mythological undertones and cast members who sometimes can’t be trusted.

But in the end, it’s all about power.

The series’ most powerful character is undoubtedly Vegeta, who has come a long way from his beginnings as the Prince of Aliens. He was the team’s “villain” at first, but ultimately became one of their saviours and allies by the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Goku started as more of a villain than Vegeta, but his journey ultimately showed. That he had become much stronger than everyone thought he was (take a look at our Goku vs Superman comparison here to see just how much).

We like to think that these two are now getting ready for battle against their greatest enemies yet..

Who Is Vegeta?

Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Vegeta is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta is depicted as being protective of his family and ruling elite, Planet Vegeta. Vegeta has made appearances in other media, including video games, animated television shows and films, as well as the American live-action TV series Dragon Ball Z.

In the manga he was originally depicted to be cold blooded warrior but gradually began to show signs of change thanks to living on Earth with Bulma and their son Trunks; he even went so far as save Goku’s life when they were both apparently killed by Cell.

Who Is Goku?

Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Goku is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Goku had been considered as a young hero and martial artist. He is the central protagonist in the series of manga, anime, and other media and merchandise. His birth name is Kakarot given to him by his parents, who were killed in the destruction of their home world Planet Vegeta when he was still a baby. Goku was sent to Earth as an infant with his two younger siblings in an escape pod; upon arrival he was found by an old man named Gohan and became his adopted grandson, being raised with his granddaughter Pan.

Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku?

Goku is a Saiyan from Earth, a planet that Vegeta had never heard of before he met Goku. Vegeta was always jealous of Goku because of the planet he was from and the carefree lifestyle he had, as well as the fact that Goku could grow up without fighting for his life.

This caused Vegeta to spend all his time training and studying, trying to become stronger in order to prove himself stronger than Goku. He proceeded to gain the title Prince of Planet Veget as well as becoming known for being one of the most strongest warriors in his world. However this hatred did not stop there, it led him to show great jealousy towards Gohan. This made Vegeta even more jealous of Goku because he wanted to be the one who became stronger.

At some point during his training Vegeta became aware that he was stronger than Goku who he had watched train for years but could not beat.

 Vegeta is the first prince of Planet Plant, which is where he comes from and has some deep rooted feelings against Goku because at some point Goku came back from training too strong, almost defeating Frieza. Frieza being the strongest person in his world was a huge thing for Saiyans and Goku came back, Frieza had been training but Goku beat him.

He becomes furious at this and vows to become stronger than Goku and eventually becomes known as the best fighter in the universe. Vegeta is considered the strongest Saiyans around although he is afraid to admit that there are other strong warriors out there.

Does Vegeta Hates Goku?

We have already written one article about Vegeta and Goku, but frankly, that wasn’t enough. We had a lot to say on this subject and still do.

Vegeta is the Prince of his world and a proud Saiyan warrior, he was trained in all things by his father King Vegeta, teaching him that honor and pride would lead to victory. Vegeta trained and studied long hours to become the best warrior in his clan, this led to him becoming the Prince of his world.

When Vegeta first meets Goku he sees him as foolish and simple minded. He thinks that Goku is a low-class warrior and was sent to Earth as a joke. However, after fighting Goku and losing, he began to respect him for his power level. However, Vegeta’s pride would not allow him to accept defeat from anyone or show any signs of weakness.

This caused Vegeta to hate Goku for looking down on him no matter what he did. Many years later when they meet again it takes all the strength and cunning of both Saiyans to defeat Frieza who came back stronger than before. Vegeta enters the battle with all of his strength while Goku holds back, keeping his power in reserve so that he can fight Frieza another day.


One could say that Vegeta is jealous of Goku because he thinks that he is stronger than him. But when you look at it we can also see something else, Vegeta is right to be jealous of Goku. He has a carefree life growing up on another planet and was taught to be himself and not follow along with what others say.

Dragon Ball Z has been going for decades now and we love each episode, full of action, drama, and science fiction themes. Hope you’ve enjoyed this article about Why Vegeta was jealous of Goku? Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball news! Thanks for visiting my website.

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