Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke

Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke?

Welcome to the Animeholic and Today We will know Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke?(Mosyt Askable Question in Naruto) Itachi Uchiha was a great shinobi of konohagakure’s uchiha clan that had been served as an Anbu police force captain. He was lived with his nuclear family. His little brother name is Sasuke Uchiha. Further, he had killed his mother and father and whole Uchiha clan at a night accept Sasuke.

Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke -

After that he had known as an international criminal and he had join Akatsuki. Akatsuki was an international criminal organization. But he is one of the most beloved character in the entire series. So why Itachi is in the fan favorite character in Naruto series? Why he killed his whole Uchiha clan? And Why he had not killed his brother? All these questions makes Itachi’s character concept more exciting.

All characters in the entire series had their Back story including Naruto’s birth story. But the story of the Uchiha clan and Itachi is very awesome and complex then others.

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Itachi’s Childhood

Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke - Itachi's Childhood

Itachi was a very sharp child in term of training and learning skills. He had wonderful and perfect skills before becoming a Genin. Normal ninja students threw kunai on the target in every 5 min but the Itachi take only 30 secs for targetting each kunai.

He had also changed the angle of throwing kunai at the correct target. Sasuke also has this ability because sometimes Itachi trained him the kunai. After he become Genin, the Danzo was interested for Itachi. The Danzo had told to Itachi’s father about chunin exams and then Itachi had given chunin exam. Itachi got rank 2 and everyone get shocked is that Itachi will be the future of leaf and Uchiha clan. Minato (Naruto father) got rank 1. But Danzo had shown his interest on Itachi.

When Itachi tells the real truth to his brother?

Before the 4th great ninja war, we had thought Itachi is a villian. Because we didn’t have any clue and Itachi tells that he has killed his clans because he want to see how much powerful he is. The óbito Uchiha also fools Sasuke that why he hadn’t killed his brother. And Sasuke some how believes in óbito who called himself madara uchiha at that time wearing a Zetsu mask. Before the ninja war, Sasuke fights with Itachi and this fights is very great and emotional as well. Itachi also removes the curse mark of Orochimaru from the sasuke’s shoulder through his susano. After that, he shows his emotional love feelings to Sasuke and then Itachi dies in front of Sasuke.

But in the fourth ninja war, Itachi comes back through the réanimation jutsu by kabotu. And Itachi further break the réanimation and come back alive as a human. Then Itachi tells Sasuke the real truth.

Uchiha Clan Death Explanation

Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke - Uchiha clan Death

The head of the Uchiha clan was the Fugaku Uchiha (Father of Itachi & Sasuke). He had acknowledged that the uchiha clan is the most powerful clan and the Hokage should be from Uchiha clan. But to execute for the plan, he need the 9-tailed beast which was sealed in the Naruto’s body. Fugaku Uchiha had showed his plan to Itachi Uchiha. So Itachi had regretted his plan. It’s no matter for Itachi is that he belongs to his Uchiha clan or not. He only wanted a peace life in leaf village. So, the lord third made a meeting against the Uchiha clan. The Itachi & danzo was also included in that meeting.

The Danzo had given two choices to Itachi. 1st, do fight against leaf village with your clan and lost your brother. 2nd, kill all the Uchiha clan and the leaf village will always care of Sasuke and there will be a peace life for all the people.
Then Itachi decided to killed his Uchiha clan including his parents and girlfriend. This sacrifice is the biggest moment in the entire series that he had killed his clan for his brother and whole people in the leaf village to stay with peace. Itachi loved his brother the most and after hearing this Sasuke had realized that his brother is one of the best brother. I hope this fantastic story line of Itachi Uchiha will inspire you everytime. So now you have know of Why Itachi Had Killed His Clan Except Sasuke?

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