Sanji in one piece anime

Sanji In One Piece Anime

Sanji is an anime character from One Piece. He has long, blonde hair and had the dubious honor of being the first member of Luffy’s crew to be completely revealed. The rest of his face is obscured by a pirate mask. This is not unlike all the other male “cooks” in One Piece. Who wear similar masks while they work in some form or another as cooks – either traditional ones. As part of their formal attire, or in battle (to conceal their identity and confuse opponents).

Sanji is one of the “defectors” from the Pirate crew and was introduced in the East Blue Saga. He was born in North Blue and traveled to the Grand Line with Zeff, who adopted him.

Sanji in one piece anime
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Sanji’s dream is to locate All Blue, a legendary ocean that contains every variety of fish in the world. Over time he became a skilled chef and combats his opponents with powerful kicks; as a member of the Straw Hat Pirates, he has been an important figure in their adventures since then. His dream from before meeting Luffy came true when they reached Fishman Island seeing all sorts of fish (including Seaweed).

Sanji’s Culinary Expertise

Despite his nature as a chef, Sanji helps out the crew in various ways, such as maintaining their equipment. Cooking meals for them (primarily using his Devil Fruit abilities), or participating in battles. He has a keen sense of smell and can even smell the exact locations of people or fish.

Sanji’s Devil Fruit Power

Pine Apple: Sanji in one piece anime uses his devil fruit powers to shoot needles at himself to absorb them and they disappear into his body. He can also use this to track other people from a great distance by shooting needles at himself and following the trail left by the needle stuck in him. These needles are strong enough to pierce through steel with ease.

There are a couple of different theories on what Sanji’s abilities are. One which makes the most sense to me, and the one that is used in the wiki, is that Sanji can heal his wounds with some sort of “Peach Energy”. Similar to Kuma healing his wounds. The needles shooting out at enemies can also be explained as him being able to summon/summon daggers at will (which may or may not be made of metal). This leads me to believe that Sanji doesn’t have much in the way of actual physical strength. But rather high speed, quick reflexes, and a keen sense of smell.

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Physical Abilities

Sanji has excellent agility, being able to leap over a bar in a single bound and can even quickly jump from one building to another. His most powerful attack is the Diable Jambe, where he heats his lower legs with flames at an extremely high temperature. That he learned from Zeff which gives him increased kicking power. As a result of his training, Sanji can kick with enough power to break the solid stone. He also has shown that he has remarkable upper and lower body strength as shown by his stopping the giant Jyabura’s punch. And then using the force behind it to throw him to the ground.

Strength, Durability, and Endurance

Sanji in one piece anime has shown to have great physical endurance as he was able to take a strong kick from Jango. And make it look comical (though possibly less comical than his other hit-comedy moments). He was also able to hold up the giant’s foot for a long time without feeling any pain.

He has enough durability to fight the giant Jyabura. Who can probably break through most of the Straw Hat’s defenses, and seemed unfazed by his attacks. If anything, Sanji’s true strength may lie in his speed and agility.

Relationships with his crewmates

Sanji’s relationship with the other Straw Hat Pirates has been rocky since his defection. While he got along well with Luffy, Sanji didn’t get along well with Zoro and Franky. This is mostly because Sanji was often insulted, both by these two, and their former captain “Kidd”. The three of them would also steal food from him whenever they could by using their Devil Fruit abilities.

Black Leg Style

Sanji in one piece anime
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Sanji’s most common fighting style is a combination of his Devil Fruit and the “leg skills” taught by Zeff (a trained assassin).

This fighting style focuses on speed, agility, and a variety of different kicks. Sanji in one piece anime has shown that he can kick with enough force to break the stone. This style was to be able to face enemies such as Gyro, Jyabura, Kuma, or Rayleigh who have superhuman strength. However, he can use his legs as weapons and defend himself (giving him an advantage over many of the other crew members). They were not developed for close combat which is where Sanji draws most of his attacks from.

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