Sage Mode in Naruto Universe

Sage Mode in Naruto Universe

Naruto is a Japanese manga and anime series about the eponymous ninja boy who dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village. On a quest to learn ninjutsu, he learns that he must first master sage mode before unlocking his final form: Kage Mode.

For most people, Sage Mode is difficult to understand because it is so different from what we are used to watching in the Naruto universe. But don’t worry; this blog post will help you better understand how this unique state functions from a technical perspective. As well as its potential explanation for certain elements in Naruto world that we never quite understood before.

First and foremost, this blog post will not differentiate between Sage Mode and Kage Mode, which are two different states.

Sage Mode in Naruto Universe

What Is Sage Mode?

The defining element of Sage Mode is probably not its ability to manipulate nature.
Instead, it’s the way that sage mode character can use their chakra within the world surrounding them. This influence is exerted through chakra emitted from the sage’s own body, allowing for manipulation of space and matter around them.
Sage Mode in Naruto Universe is a universal form of chakra manipulation and allows for physical empowerment by manipulating both space and matter around the sage.

Also, note that there are two versions of the Kage-bunshin technique. The first one that was created by Orochimaru is quite similar to the Sage Mode technique that we have discussed in this post. The second version created by Kabuto can produce clones much stronger than the original host. Its stealth capabilities make it formidable enough to give difficulty to Naruto himself.

The Sage Mode in Naruto Universe

Tailed Beast Sage Mode:

This is the only sage mode introduced in the Naruto series so far. Naruto has not been able to learn this mode until he sealed the nine Tailed Beasts inside himself. Tailed Beast Sage Mode gives Naruto animal-like features, such as a furry coating around his arms, fox ears and a tail. The hair also extends down to his shoulders and back. Naruto also gains a chakra shroud that is white and covers his whole body with black markings at the bottom of it. This state is often described as the “Living Truth of Nature”.

Jiraiya’s Sage Mode:

Jiraiya has been training Naruto in Sage Mode for years before the ninja lost it during battle. The sage mode that Jiraiya taught Naruto was somewhat different. Perhaps because he was only a master of the sage mode who had never taken the student part of it. Jiraiya’s sage mode is blue, his body became covered with white markings. And he could do a powerful Rasengan to destroy anyone who dares to come against him.

Naruto’s Sage Mode:

Naruto’s sage mode is done through his perfected Rasengan; it is unknown how many times he has to be hit by the Rasengan for the technique to work but we can assume that it takes at least one hit. The special Rasengan that Naruto can perform in Sage Mode has a much larger chakra output than normal due to his prolonged exposure to nature; it also glows similar to the sun that Naruto had been absorbing as an Uzumaki. Sage chakra is golden in colour, which makes Naruto’s version of Sage Mode look like a huge fireball when he uses ninjutsu in battle.

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Hashirama’s Sage Mode:

This is the state that Hashirama was in before he became a sage. The only known way to enter this state is through the use of a very powerful technique that is called, “Meteoric Burst”. It uses three different techniques, including the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and the Rasengan.

However, under the influence of Orochimaru, Naruto has been able to develop his version of Sage Mode; it was created after Naruto had absorbed Nature Chakra from Hashirama’s dead body at Mount Myoboku. His version of Sage Mode has three different colours: black for the chakra shroud and two red stripes along his arms under the black shroud.

Minato’s Sage Mode:

Minato had never been seen using Sage Mode until the Fourth Ninja War. When Naruto sealed a portion of Kurama’s chakra within himself. It is believed that Minato was on his way to becoming a sage before he was killed by the masked man; his newfound sage abilities were likely passed on to his son, Naruto.

Koji’s Sage Mode:

The new Sage Mode is a crucial story arc in the manga. Koji was the only person who managed to separate Kurama from Naruto, and although he was not able to fully absorb it, he was capable of using Rock Lee’s Ranged Rasengan technique.

Overall, Naruto’s Sage Mode is the only one that has been seen so far in the series. It will be interesting to see how they plan to protect his life force as his training continues; this may be one of the reasons why we have not seen any sage mode jutsu outside of Naruto. If we had already seen instances of powerful techniques being used by other users. Then we would probably see similar techniques being used by other master users as well.

Advantages Of Sage Mode:

Wisdom: It is the most obvious advantage of sage mode. The sage mode allows the ninja to acquire great wisdom. And understanding of nature, which they wouldn’t have acquired through normal training. The sage chakra that is available in nature can also help them achieve a high level of understanding. And also knowledge of spiritual counterparts as well as elemental manipulation.

Speed: Naruto’s Sage Mode had granted him super speed and reflexes, which he could use to create Rasen shuriken without any assistance. He was able to perform this feat because he had absorbed Hashirama Senju’s cells through Kushina Uzumaki. And perfected Kurama’s chakra within himself so he could enter into Sage Mode.

Body: Naruto’s sage mode also gave him greater physical strength and durability than before. His new Chakra shroud also provides him with additional physical durability to defend against any attacks with minimum injury.

Life-force: It has been observed that the user would gain a part of their life-force. Or life energy in sage mode, meaning the user is still alive even if they have died.

Weaknesses Of Sage Mode:

Lack Of Stamina: It is a well-known fact that sage mode users cannot use chakra freely as they prefer to focus on nature and its secrets.

Chakra Control: Sage mode users are also characterised by a lesser control over their chakra. This is because they cannot use charka as freely as they usually would do while they try to study nature.

Lessened Speed: In comparison with regular ninjas such as Kakashi and Naruto, sage mode users would have to be careful while using their speed against them. They will not be able to use their speed maximally the way they would normally do.

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