Pain On Naruto Shippuden

Pain On Naruto Shippuden

Nagato (alias of Pain ) in Naruto:

The story of Naruto begins with the creation of the nine-tailed demon fox, and thus the tale is about the battle between its host, Naruto Uzumaki, and its creator, Pain on Naruto Shippuden.

The pain was created from half of a Senju DNA that had been used to create all jinchuriki (that’s what happened when they found out it was possible to make human hosts) but without a soul. The other half became Nagato’s physical body. Which meant that one should be considered a “soul” and one not – or at least this is how it appears.

Who is Nagato?

Pain On Naruto Shippuden

Nagato (影) is a man of many faces. He became the leader of the Akatsuki, and he was a very powerful shinobi (probably one of their most powerful members). Who was able to coordinate his plans with other Akatsuki members. Like Deidara and Sasori etc., despite being secluded from others.

However, at some point, Nagato’s plans become too powerful for even him to control. Either because he has reached a level that he doesn’t possess any longer or because someone else has such power that they need to be removed. Nagato essentially becomes “pain”, the fox, Pain (who is essentially Naruto).

How Is Nagato related to Pain?

Pain is the manifestation of the negative emotions that Nagato feels.

Nagato’s personality is based on a quote from chapter 100, in which Jiraiya told Naruto how he would have to face his own shadow (the negative part of him) to overcome Pain, who in turn represents all his hatred. This makes him believe that the source of all hatred is himself, which is why he wants to destroy it. However, this means that Pain can only be destroyed by destroying all hatred. Which is impossible because it’s inside of us and impossible to get rid of.

Pain On Naruto Shippuden:

A list of what we know about Pain and more:

Power: Apparently, Pain is the most powerful of all Akatsuki members, and is also known as the God of Death. And a reincarnation of the fallen sage also. Pain also knows about a few jutsu that none of the other Akatsuki members is aware of, making him completely unmatched in battle. He has incredible speed, a great intellect and he is incredibly strong.

Strength: In the anime and manga, Pain was shown to be able to use a special technique that enabled him to deflect chakra based attacks by using two of the Six Paths of Pain. He can also use some sort of invisible energy shield too (the one that he used against Naruto).

Brains: He is more intelligent than every other Akatsuki member. He is known for having an extraordinary intellect.

Abilities: Pain can summon the “Six Paths of Reincarnation” (Rinnegan), which is a supplementary ability of the Rinnegan. The Six Paths Technique was used by the Sage of Six Paths to create the tailed beasts that exist today, and it can also be used to control them.

Other Strengths and Powers

His various bodies are all linked together so that he can monitor all six at once. That’s why each body has only one eye because otherwise there would be too much information for him to process! Each body has a path that represents one of the six realms of Naraka or the afterlife (the Deva path represents heaven, earth and hell are represented in two other paths and two other bodies were not specified).

Physical Powers: Pain is incredibly strong, even though he can’t use any of his Six Paths at all. He can also climb up walls and ceilings with ease.

Mental Powers: Pain has a great intellect, allowing him to gain a fuller understanding of his techniques and how to use them effectively. He also has incredible mind control abilities, which he uses to make Naruto do whatever he wants. Pain is known for being able to track the feeling of hatred without even seeing it.

Chakras: The Six Paths of Pain are an embodiment of the Six Paths of Naraka. Each possesses a specific chakra that controls it. There are only three of these chakras, however. The third is the Deva path; it does not exist in Naruto and Sasuke’s world (only in his).

Extras: He can use one of his Six Paths to control the tailed beasts. He can also create a special energy shield with his Rinnegan. His ability to do this makes him nearly unkillable. He can use the chakra from all 6 sages at once and he just has to touch someone with one chakra, which will cause them to fall under his control for 7 days.

Appearance and Personality:

Pain’s appearance is very similar to that of Nagato. Both have black hair and black eyes. His body is covered in a black cloak with a big red cloud in the middle, red shoulder armour and turban-like bandages around his head (the ones with death symbols). He also has a Rinnegan on his forehead and wears sandals on his feet.

Pain’s personality, however, is the opposite of Nagato’s. Pain on naruto shippuden is incredibly ruthless and he doesn’t seem to care about anyone else but himself. He uses his mind control abilities to get what he wants from others (he even used it on Yahiko’s sensei because he wanted more powers).

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