Might Guy in Naruto Shippuden is the greatest Jonin of Village Hidden in Leaf and master of Taijutsu. Might Duy was the father of Might Guy and All leaf Villagers made fun of him by saying, Eternal Genin. But Might Duy had never shown his anger at what people called him. And Guy becomes angry whenever people made fun of his father. But Duy encourages him and say that the real victory is to save the life of villagers.


Might apply for the Ninja Academy but he does not pass the entrance exam. Kakashi Hatake tells his father that Might Guy is a loser in Ninjutsu and Genjutsu and Guy also appreciates with a thumbs up. After that, Guy finally passes the exam and after graduation, Might Guy joined the Genin team under the leadership of Choza Akimichi.

The team of Choza Akimichi reaches the final rounds of Chunin exams and Guy is defeated by the Kakashi in the one-on-one match. In the 3rd Shinobi war, the seven swordsman attacks the guy and his team. The Duy reaches to rescue him and open the 8 gates of Taijutsu. But after that, the Duy die and he did this to save the precious one guy.


Might Guy decide that he will become his rival of Kakashi to prove to him that he is the best without Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. And Guy has challenged Kakashi in many skills like Racing, rock-paper-scissor, eating, and almost every. In starting, Kakashi defeated him with ease but gradually, the might Guy has caught up the Kakashi’s points. And during the sixth Hokage sélection, Guy again challenges Kakashi of a Hidden leaf Village race after the Pain Saga. The guy again loses the race with a 1 point difference but Kakashi Hatake also cheers the guy that he is the best rival ever.

After the death of Óbito, the Kakashi Hatake was suffering in the Darkness. And Guy tries to save and join his team with ren Uzumaki. But after the death of Ren Uzumaki, the Minato (4th Hokage) order the guy to keep eye on Kakashi Hatake And Guy watches Kakashi. Kakashi Faces a problem by using Chidori(the same Jutsu that had killed the Ren).

And after that Minato die during the 9 tailed beast attack on the village. Kakashi genuinely feels uncomfortable. Guy requested 3rd Hokage to join the Anbu force to help Kakashi. But 3rd Hokage regrets his request because his personality does not suit Anbu. In the Land of wood, during the secret meeting with the ninja, Kakashi Hatake kills the Ninjas. After watching this by the Guy, Guy requested 3rd Hokage to remove Kakashi from Anbu and make him a Genin team leader.


Guy has found a Boy with a lack of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu whose name is Rock Lee. Guy becomes a Genin team leader of Rock Lee, Neji, and ten-ten. But the guy properly attaches with the Rock Lee. And Guy decides that he will share all the past incidents and all the knowledge with Rock Lee. Before the chunin exam, Lee challenged Sasuke for one on one. The guy especially tells Ningame to keep eye on Rock Lee. Ningame watches Lee using the front lotus on Sasuke which is against the instructions of his Guy sensei. Ningame summons the guy and Guy give a punch to Lee’s chick in the form of punishment. And then he apologizes after giving the punishment. Team 7 gets disturbed after watching all the drama.


During the battle with Madara Uchiha, Guy open the 7th gate and attacks him with a daytime tiger. Madara is still alive because he always absorbs the 10-tailed beast and uses his power. Kakashi says that we can’t defeat Madara and Minato has lost their both hands. Then Might Guy opens the 8th gate and attacks with an evening elephant attack. Madara becomes excited to watch the Guy. Minato and all know that there is very less left for the guy and they help him to rescue from truth-seeking orbs.

Guy successfully hit Madara with the 5th step evening elephant move and Madara gets injured seriously. But again Madara tells the guy to attack more. But after that, Might Guy realizes that he has to use the night guy to end everything. Guy attacks Madara with night guy and destroys the half body of Madara. And Guy faints after the attack and everyone gets shocked. After that, Naruto saves him by using yin yang release. So this is whole about the Might Guy.

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