Lady Tsunade In Naruto

Lady Tsunade In Naruto

Lady Tsunade In Naruto is one of the few female characters in Naruto. She is a powerful, self-proclaimed genius and a renowned medical ninja. She has been likened to the “God of Medicine”, and she often boasts about her intelligence. However, like most other characters in the series, Tsunade has her share of flaws. One such flaw is that Tsunade’s pride often gets in the way of her judgment. Unless she puts aside those feelings for her good or to achieve something beyond what she can do on her strength and skills alone.


Tsunade is a young woman of average height and fair skin complexion. She has long, brown hair that falls to her ankles, with long bangs framing either side of her face and short bangs hanging over her forehead. In most cases, she wears a red qipao shirt with tight black shorts and stockings that stops at her thighs. She also wears a purple obi tied in the front above her waist and white combat boots. Tsunade also wears golden earrings with a purple gemstone on both ears. As well as a necklace consisting of a diamond-like figure (which changes to Shodai Hokage’s necklace during the Invasion of Pain arc) on it.

Lady Tsunade In Naruto (Fifth Hokage)

Tsunade had a childhood that was full of tragedy. Her father died protecting the village, and her brother Nawaki also died trying to help protect the village alongside their grandfather. Her grandfather then chose her little brother over her to succeed him as Hokage, causing Tsunade to feel neglected.

Because of this, she left the village for many years and studied medical ninjutsu at a secret temple for many years with the Sanin Jiraiya. During her training, Jiraiya and Tsunade grew very close. With him leaving coded messages in his novels for her to find during his absences (and sometimes letting slip bits of useful information that she otherwise wouldn’t have known).

She is the fifth Hokage of the village Konoha. Tsunade is also a legendary medical-nin and is known throughout the land as the Godaime Hokage (or Fifth Fire Shadow), for her skills in life-and-death situations. Before becoming Hokage, she left Konoha for many years of training with Jiraiya of the Sanin. Though she has tremendous power, her addiction to gambling causes many problems throughout the series. Tsunade is Naruto’s mentor but can be overprotective at times.

Tsunade used to be a gambling addict until she became Hokage and had to give up this habit for the sake of her village.

Personality Of Lady Tsunade

Tsunade has two personalities: the Tsunade that Naruto already knows, and the Tsunade of a few years before him (in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations). Those who know Tsunade in her younger days say she was very quiet. She was always around her brother and grandfather, but that was all. However, she did spend quite a lot of time in the medical office with Jiraiya. She didn’t talk to anybody, only when it concerned certain matters or when she was giving advice to her little brother.

Tsunade was a rather quiet person even then, with relatively few friends other than Jiraiya himself. She never went anywhere without the Hokage Hat or her eyes covered with some sort of kimono top. Signifying that she is wearing a Hokage cloak and hat (although much less noticeable in previous years).

Abilities Of Lady Tsunade

Abilities Of Lady Tsunade In Naruto

Tsunade is considered one of the strongest ninjas in Konoha. Her strength is so great that she can send a fully grown man flying with her punch. Or even decapitate a person with just one finger. Lady Tsunade In Naruto uses her fantastic strength to perform powerful kicks and punches that can strike entire areas. And destroy powerful barriers, and push back opponents a great distance. In addition to her physical power, Tsunade has proven herself time and time again to be extremely adept at Taijutsu.

Powerful Chakras with Tsunade

In her fight with Pain, she used the Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation to bury the Animal Path’s Giant Rhino, summoned by Animal Path.

In the battle against Kabuto, Tsunade demonstrated a high level of skill with Earth Release techniques as well as her Strength. She first used the Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique to counter White Zetsu’s earth technique. And then used it again when she clashed with another White Zetsu clone. She also used the Earth Release: Super Weight Rock Technique in an attempt to subdue Kabuto Yakushi.


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