King Piccolo Dragon Ball Z Explained

King Piccolo Dragon Ball Z Explained

There are many characters in the Dragon Ball series who hold some sort of elemental power. Some have seen their powers developed and upgraded as the story goes on, and others have remained static over time. But one character, King Piccolo, has had his power continually increased throughout the series. As a result of training with both Kami and Babidi. The sheer strength he possesses is enough to rival gods and warriors alike, let alone all-around fighters like Goku who are considered super strong. In this article, we have explained the role of the king piccolo dragon in ball z.

Why was King Piccolo so evil?

Many of the Z fighters consider Piccolo to be the evilest villain they ever fought. This is primarily because of his origins, as he is one of the evil Namekian clan that betrayed Kami. And then threw him off the edge of Snake Way (the road from Earth to the Other World). He alone was responsible for killing all but a few of Kami’s children. Which led to him becoming the guardian of Earth. Piccolo Daimao (the evil king) was born when his father/grandfather Gohan-sei performed a forbidden technique that turned him into an egg.

Goku and King Piccolo team up against Raditz

There’s always this argument over who would win in a fight between Goku and King Piccolo. Of course, some would say that Piccolo is the better fighter. He is more powerful and he has a powerful transcendental ability known as the Evil Containment Wave. When Piccolo uses this move, it traps a person’s energy for use in whatever he wants and there’s no way to escape it. There are several characters throughout the series who have fought this technique with no success, including Goku himself.

Gohan and Piccolo’s Relationship

Gohan was the son of Goku, who trained him to become the next Earth teenager. Which is what he will be when he turns 18. He grew up with Kami and Piccolo Daimao who was his father until a young age. It’s said that during his training with the Nameks, he fought Piccolo many times and always won (one time, Piccolo got the better of him). After this, Gohan left to train with Kami on Other World and met his wife Videl. During a battle between Goku and Raditz (the brother of Nappa) on Earth, Gohan wins by knocking Raditz out with one punch. He then fights Goku himself and wins as well.

King Piccolo’s power level in Dragon Ball Z

In Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, King Piccolo’s power level can reach well over 60,000 in the anime and a bit under that in the manga. This is a huge amount of power, to say the least.

Piccolo’s transformation

In Dragon Ball Z episode 81 “The Secret of Dr. Slump”, we see King Piccolo transform from his usual humanoid form into a monstrous serpentine monster (see below). In addition his power level increased significantly. His head seems to grow larger and he becomes much more physically powerful as well. He also gains an impressive amount of stamina because he can maintain this form for quite some time.

Appearance and Personality Of Piccolo:

King Piccolo dragon ball z is a young Namekian of roughly the same age as Gohan. Who becomes Earth’s new guardian following Kami’s “death” at the hands of Nappa. Piccolo can fly and his power level is over 1,000 (making him stronger than Goku). He has a long under-bite, sharp teeth, and green skin (his ears, head, and front torso are all pink in color). His hair is black and he wears an outfit similar to Goku’s gi.

Abilities and Powers of Piccolo

During the Namek and Freeza Sagas, Piccolo was easily able to beat Nail in combat (even after he had fused with Kami). That alone should tell you how powerful he is. Overall, Piccolo’s power level is said to be roughly between 20,000 and 30,000. However, when Goku trained for three years with King Kai and returned to Earth for the Saiyan Saga. He was not much stronger than before (which implies that he did not train during this time).

Biography of King Piccolo

The Piccolo that we see in the series is his “child” named Panchi which was formed from King Piccolo’s egg. The evil King Piccolo is the father of Panchi. Who was born after a forbidden technique by Gohan-sei was used to turn into an egg?

Gohan and King Piccolo fight

Gohan is shown to fight Piccolo many times throughout their childhood but only wins once (as seen in the image above). It’s said that he had trained with Kami on Other World and met his wife Videl there (where they had a daughter).

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