Kawaki in Boruto: Biography, Ability, Goal

Kawaki in Boruto: Biography, Ability, Goal

The word kawaki means Dry. The definition of Dry is something that is indicated to be absent of moisture or freedom. May be referring to the fact that kawaki is nothing more than a tool of Jigen and Kuril organization and having no freedom whatsoever. Kawaki is the key to an evil organization known as Kara. He’s referred to as nothing other than a vessel and is the adopted son of their leader Jigen.

Kawaki is around about as Boruto and features brushy black hair with blonde shaven sites. He also has piercings in his eyebrows and ears which go after meeting Jigen and Once been accepted into Kara. He also got the Roman numeral for the number 9 engraved under his left eye.

Kawaki in Boruto

Kawaki in Boruto: Biography, Ability, Goal

Now Kawaki has one of the most tragic and difficult backstories in the whole of Naruto. He was raised alone by an abusive alcoholic father who saw Kawaki is nothing more than both an emotional and physical punishing bag. Later, he would then go on and sell his son to Jigen for a large sum of money. Sometime after digging took Custody over kawaki, he was taken to one of Jigen’s labs which was full of older children about similar age to kawaki being suspended from the ceiling in artificial wombs. Kawaki was then end up just like those children he saw before him. As Jigen attempted to transfer the karma ceil onto Kawaki which if you don’t know is the curse mark looking mobility.

After surviving and passing of the karma curse mark, somehow kawaki describes his life as a living hell from then. On going as far to say that he wish that he had died during the ceiling process. Then a small fight we know of between him and an outer member of the Kara organization named Garo where Kawaki ended up tearing off his lower jaw. Fast forward to the present and we see that Kawaki is living with with in the Naruto’s house under supervision


Now unfortunately Kawaki’s abilities are still in the dark slightly. But do know that he possesses the same karma mark ability as Boruto being able to absorb and fire back different ninjutsu attacks in the same kind of way that Momoshiki did. We also know that his body’s undergone changes on a cellular level which has caused his body to have been transformed into a so-called living scientific ninja tool.

These changes to his cells and to reshape his body for attacks in similar way to what jugo scans that sage technique does. We see Kawaki demonstrate both of those abilities in his rematch with Garo where he ended up blowing up garo’s in half killing him. Another thing to note is that when team 7 first found kawaki laying there unconscious for the first time. Kawaki woke up in a sudden bursts of anger of letting out a huge explosion similar in a way to pain the Shinra Sensei. This bit is still a huge mystery boy. The Karma of Kawaki and boruto linked together which we can called resonance. They do they activate simultaneously when this resonance is happening.


From what we know so far, Kawaki’s goal is to escape from the Kara Organization which at the moment at least he’s managed to succeed it. However there is of course more to it than just that. The bigger picture of it all is that he want to learn more about his Karma curse mark.

Hopefully, somehow find a way to actually get rid of this curse branded mark and power so that he can one day live an ordinary life and asks Boruto to actually help him in this situation as it probably also be in his best interest.

Now Naruto treats him as a father and cares a lot. Naruto teach him the Ninjutsu and how to use chakra flow to perform ninjutsu. Kawaki always uncomfortable in making friends because of his back dark past. And he want to become like Naruto. Boruto also treat him as a real big brother. He starts his journey to give Ninja exam to become Genin. So this is the Kawaki’s whole back story.

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