Boruto Episode 259 Explained: A Wound That Never Heals

Boruto Episode 259 Explained: A Wound That Never Heals

In this Episode Of Boruto 259, Team 7 get a mission to investigate a huge string of attack on ex-shinobi in the Leaf Village. Boruto thinks that might be a weasel but others think that it might be a human culprit. On Next Day, the Konoha Police force confirm that the new victim is a former Shinobi who migrated from another village. That former Shinobi has specialized in a wind-style release. In that condition, Kawaki suggests guarding or protecting all wind-style ex-shinobi.

And team 7 continues the night patrols in the village. Sarada & Boruto notice that the Mitsuki has been disturbed and further he explains to them that He hasn’t seen his cat Mikazuki since returning back from Kirigakure. Now, Team 7 decides to take a rest and at the same time, Mitsuki does not find out about his pet by asking people around.

After that Mitsuki finds a girl who is playing the flute beautifully and when she calls her name Niboshi then Mikazuki approaches her. After watching Mitsuki, He calls again Mikasuki with the same name and Mikazuki approaches Mitsuki from that girl. After that, the girl starts to explain to Mitsuki that she has found his cat in a pain next to her house and does proper care. Again She explains that she’s name is Hibiki and she had moved to Konoha to help her older brother. On the spot, Hibiki’s brother appears and calls out to her.

After that, another ex-shinobi is attacked by two individuals with masks and team 7 starts pursuing them. Mitsuki throws Kunai and he successfully damages the arm of one of the two assailants. Team 7 continues the pursuit by following the blood droplets and the Hibiki hides with injury behind the stand silently. After that team 7 watch Hibiki’s brother stand and He wrongly says to team 7 that the assailants have gone to another side. But Mitsuki notices the blood beneath the Hibiki’s brother’s stand. On Next Day, the public of the leaf Village shout and pressures the police upon learning of another attack on ex-shinobi.

The retailer Mitsuki addressed, additionally an ex-shinobi, reads about the last night’s attack on the newspaper. He tosses a stone at Mikazuki while she is taking out the trash. Further, Mitsuki asks Hibiki for the next target because Mitsuki had determined the incident last night. Hibiki starts telling her story that her father was a great Shinobi who had been killed by a thief by using wind release style. And that thief was left with a scar present on his chest by her father’s sword. Mitsuki tells her the same incident happened in his past and wishes to avoid all the past mistakes.

At night, the police successfully investigate that a person who is in the series of murders and robberies is still living in Konoha. Further, Hibiki and her brother use the smoke of sleeping on the Matsushige shopkeeper. Kotaro Fumo informs Team 7 that Daizen Matsushige is a shopkeeper who is a wind release user who is responsible for robberies and murders. In terms of self-defense, the Daizen Matsushige attacks Hibiki and her brother with the Sickle Weasel technique, and that technique is blocked by the Snake Lighting technique by Mitsuki.

Hibiki starts accusing Daizen Matsushige of having a scar on his chest. But Daizen Matsushige mentioned that he’s not bearing any scar after showing his chest. On the spot, the Mikazuki jumps on Daizen and starts scratching his chest after the scar appears.

Daizen has a go at taking off, yet Mitsuki stops him with Wind Release: Breakthrough. Daizen was wanting to perpetrate similar wrongdoings in Konoha, so Hibiki and her brother are just ousted from the village. Be that as it may, since Mitsuki kept his insight of their guilt, he’s on administration vacation for seven days. He says goodbye to Hibiki & her brother, and she gives him Niboshi to take care of Mikazuki.

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