Araumi Funato Clan: Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc

Araumi Funato Clan: Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc


Araumi Funato Clan: Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc

Hey, guys welcome to animeholic, And today we are going to give information about Funato Clan. In the Current season of Boruto ( Naruto’s son), an arc has happened. Firstly let’s know the Background of the Funato Clan.

Funato Clan History

Araumi the leader of the Funato Clan, was very much known for his destructive power in the water region. This clan is also known for ninja pirates. Because they continuously visit the various island and spread destruction activity, they also trade routes & also performs abduction around the land of water. He had also adopted a young boy named Tenma as a son because his attitude was very impressive.

Ikada ( youngest child of Araumi) had a particularly challenging test it took place during a raging storm. The trauma threw his son ikada into the ocean, ikada’s Funato skills manifested, and that caused a massive wave in the ocean that has saved him from drowning after seeing that scene, Araumi was feeling proud and pleased. After that In recent years, an effort led by the 6th Mizukage of Hidden mist to arrest Araumi was completely successful. Araumi would spend the next 5 years in the prison which is far from the open sea.

Araumi Funato

Araumi is a mercy less human and kills people indifferently. However, Araumi doesn’t tolerate any kind of failure in his battle. He genuinely believes that the best method to win a battle with direct assault, deception tactics, and scoffing at ambush.

In his way, Araumi is a very loving parent and always wishes to see his children reach their full potential. At the same time, Araumi is cruel and always keeps to ancient traditions, and is willing to put his children’s lives in danger. Araumi loved his adopted young boy named Tenma as his son and he was outraged when he heated about his death.


Araumi has the capabilities to perform vast water releases. Araumi can able to absorb all the blood from a human’s body. And reduce them to a withered husk as well as revitalize himself in the whole process. He had also taught well these skills to funamushi as a capable instructor.

Araumi is a Tall muscular man with tough body skin.

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Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc

In the Hidden Mist, Kagura Showed showed Boruto around the prison. During that time, the village was put on totally high alert because the terrorist attack caused the airship to crash. His son, Isari with Team break the prison and freed the Araumi. Araumi fully absorbs guard moisture and gets revitalized. And he Again returns to his clan and visits many islands around the ocean.

Now we will continue to explain this whole interest arc. His facial body contains high cheekbones, tear thoughts, and a broad chin. In terms of his face, he has a straight icy blue eye, strawberry blond hair with a proper beard & broad mustache.

He wears a dress in a long red vest with grey pants, a white-colored shirt, and studded wristbands. He also wears a grey colored bandanna.

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